‘Christ’ means ‘anointed one’. In the Old Testament, there were three key callings that a person would be anointed for: the priestly service, kingly leadership and prophetic ministry. While Israel had many priests, prophets and kings--none of them were perfect. In Jesus, the Anointed One, we discover that he is the Prophet or prophets, the Great High Priest of all priests, and the True High King of all creation. As we consider Jesus’s threefold office as prophet, priest and king, we also learn something about ourselves. Since we are ‘in Christ’, and filled with the Holy Spirit, we too have a prophetic, priestly and kingly calling in our lives and vocations. We are called to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, to serve others, and to live with kingdom authority for Christ. Join us for our August sermon series to discover Jesus as Prophet, Priest & King.

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