The final book of the Bible is a revelation about Jesus Christ. It’s a letter written to churches who faced physical persecution and spiritual apathy. In this book God speaks incredible hope, resilience and encouragement to those who are suffering for their allegiance to Jesus. It is also a beautiful, complex and challenging book: full of beasts, dragons, angels, thrones, martyrs, and, at the centre of it all, the Lion who is the Lamb.
Unfortunately, many Christians tend to either ignore Revelation for its strangeness, or treat it as a cryptic message more akin to conspiracy theory than God’s Word. Rather than ignore it or seek to tame it, we are going to enter into this multisensory, narrative vision of ultimate reality. We are going to travel with John into this vision of who Jesus is, explore how God stands with his church in the midst of real struggle, and be reminded that Jesus will bring ultimate victory over evil and death through the consummation of human history.
Along the way we discover that we can gain God’s hope and resilience when we face hardships in our lives, and that the way of Christ-like victory is also the way of sacrifice for our Lord. May this fascinating, puzzling, wonderful book be an encouragement to you: prompting you to put Jesus at the very centre of your faith and life.

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