Many families send or receive the ‘Christmas letter’. These can range from reflective thoughts on the past year, to an over-the-top recap that borderlines on bragging about our accomplishments.

This Advent we’ll be reading the ‘family letter’ of 1 John. This letter is written from a caring elder to a family of believers whom he deeply loves! John points his family to Jesus, the Word of Life. John recounts his experiences of seeing, hearing and touching Jesus, a real flesh-and-blood person, not an abstract idea. Jesus reveals the light and love of God, says John. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus invites us to participate in the amazing fellowship of life with God.

​2020 has been a strange year, especially with the pandemic. For many it has been a dark time. Advent is about celebrating the breaking dawn, the good news, that light has shone into the darkness: Jesus has come to make his home with us. And he comes still today -- into the worry, fear and sin in our hearts. He comes, as 1 John reminds us, to bring his life, light and love. He comes to call us into joyful fellowship with one another and with God. This year, let’s hear the words of the Advent family letter of 1 John and set our focus upon Christ anew.

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